Marine Innovations

As dealers for Marine  Innovations incline elevators, we  offer the most  robust systems on the market to bring you or  your customers safely up and down steep hillsides.  Our residential systems start at  600 lbs  for tight  spaces, and go up to 1,200 lbs.  Options include mid-way stops, automatic leveling, enclosed cabs, lighting, and much more.

Our standard commercial  systems start at 860 lbs and go to 2,000 lbs, but custom sizing is available.  We meet commercial elevator  building code, and some of our many options include enclosed climate-controlled cabs, self-leveling systems, automatic cab doors, communication systems, and marine rail.  We even have a system designed  to bring your customers down to a floating  dock on bodies of water with severe water level  fluctuation.  Please contact us for a custom solution to meet your requirements.