Special Equipment

We use specialty equipment to do special projects—things that other contractors struggle with because standard equipment is designed for standard situations. Life is not always standard.

Do you need your own equipment moved? We have a truckable sectional spud barge with ramps. We also have a LCM(6) landing craft.

The tracks on our amphibious crane wrap around its pontoons, giving us the ability to drive off the barge and work in the muck where traditional cranes are stuck on the barge waiting for high tide.

Our 5-ton 6x6 Army Bridge Truck has a built in crane and powerful winches. We recently used it to tear out a pair of pedestrian bridges. Next we will use it to rig a logging-style ‘High-Line’ to suspend a pile hammer above an otherwise inaccessible section of walkway.

Contact us to learn more about how our specialized equipment can help in your unique situation.


Learn more about our trash skimmer

Do you have a floating debris problem? We have a solution: the UMI TrashCat trash skimmer.

We operate a United Marine International MS16-12000B TrashCat marine trash skimmer. It is 50’ long and 12’ wide, and can cut a 16’ wide swath through your floating debris problem. The front doors open and lower into the water, allowing the front conveyor to pick debris out of the water and move it up into the vessel. The front conveyor then deposits debris onto a second conveyor belt running the length of the hull. This second conveyor is used to store and offload debris, moving it gradually toward the stern as more debris is deposited. When the skimmer is full, it backs up to shore and deposits the debris either into a dumpster or onto a shore conveyor as the situation requires. The TrashCat is powered by a Cummins turbo diesel engine pushing a pair of hydraulic propellers. The 12-ton skimmer is truckable, and we can deliver the TrashCat over rough terrain using our 5-ton Army Bridge Erection Truck. Debris capacity is 12,000 lbs (5,442 kg) weight and 700 cubic feet (19.8 cubic meter) volume. Contact us for more information.